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Power Supply

The power is converted from solar energy by solar cells on the sides of the satellite and temporarily stored in a battery for use during an eclipse and in peak situations. The power provided by the solar cells is about 1,75 W. Some energy losses will be found when charging and discharging the battery, therefore the remaining design of the satellite should be aimed at using the battery as little as possible.

The power for operating the satellite is obtained from two series triple-junction solar cells from Emcore on 4 of the 6 faces. The nominally nadir-facing payload face and the zenith-facing antenna face are not covered with cells. Peak loads are supplied from a single commercial secondary Li-ion cell. Power conditioning is done using a SEPIC step-up/step-down converter in the power supply, while the final regulation to 3V3 is done using linear regulators on the individual modules. This decreases the demands on the PSU and raises the power quality. The average power consumption is less than 500 mW, peak power is 1500 mW when transmitting. Under optimal conditions, even the peak power is obtainable using the solar panels alone.