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The onboard software (Onboard Data Handling) is a part of the satellite platform and provides basic services for the payload and the other modules on the satellite. Those services include:

  • Communication - Between the different modules and between earth and the satellite, in the last case the ODH software provides an interface to the communication module, used by the other modules.
  • Scheduling - Execute commands at certain times.
  • Housekeeping - Collect housekeeping data from the different modules (payload, power, attitude etc.).
  • Autonomy - Control and error handling when the satellite is out of communication range.
Because of the tight constraints implied by the cubesat concept, a design decision has been made to equip the DTUSat with only one computer. This means that all modules must share the same computer, thus special care must be taken to manage resources and avoid conflicts. As a consequence of this, an important part of the onboard software group's work is to specify how the software parts of the different modules should interact.

Software overview