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Major sponsors

  • OFR, Det offentlige forskningsråd for rummet (The Public Council for Space Research), for donation of 550.000 dkr
  • Vald. Trahnes Fond 100.000 dkr
  • Danfoss 100.000 dkr
  • Dr. Nergaards Fond 50.000 kr
  • Thomas B. Thrieges Fond 50.000 dkr
  • Fam. Hede Nielsens Fond 50.000 dkr
  • Siemens Fond 35.000 dkr
  • DSRI, Danish Space Research Institute, for invaluable help and support
  • HP Elektronikmontage, for assembly of engineering, flight spare, and flight PCB's
  • The participating institutes at the Technical University of Denmark

Sponsors and supporters, ordered alphabetically

  • Alcatel Space Danmark A/S, for help, support and donation of capacitors etc. for the powersystem
  • AMSAT, especially AMSAT-OZ, for use of radio amateur frequency and for a lot of help on building the ground station
  • AMD, for donation of flash memory for the onboard computer
  • Analytical Graphics Inc., for donation of licenses for Satellite Toolkit (STK) for use in education
  • Atmel, for donation of microprocessors and evaluation board for the onboard computer
  • Coilcraft, for donation of inductors for the onboard radio transceiver
  • Danionics, for donation of lithium-polymer batteries and technical support
  • Dell, for the donation of a Power Edge 2500 server for the ground station
  • Eklöw Electronic, for donation of discriminators to the onboard radio tranceiver
  • Elcon PCB Technology A/S, for donation of printed circuit boards (PCB) for the entire cubesat
  • Fredslund electronic, for donation of varactor diodes for the onboard radio tranceiver
  • The GNU Project, for making software and compilers available for free
  • Hewlett-Packard, for donation of a Itanium Workstation for use with Satellite Toolkit (STK)
  • Honeywell, for donation of magnetoresistive sensors for the onboard magnetometer
  • Maxim Semiconductors, for their generous sample policy, especially for donation of chips for the power supply
  • NOKIA, for help and temperature tests of batteries.
  • nordic VLSI, for donation of a large number of chips and evaluation boards for the onboard radio transceiver
  • PowerCAD, for the routing of the camera PCB
  • RF Micro Devices, for discounts on chips for the onboard radio transceiver
  • Risø, for help and equipment for radiation tests
  • Sprague-Goodman, for donation of varactor diodes for the onboard radio transceiver
  • Terma, for general help and support
  • Toko, for donation of discriminators to the onboard radio tranceiver
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