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  OBCblock.pdf 17.7 KB 14-1-2002 23:06 Jonas Sølvhøj
Block diagram for the OBC  
  Onboard Computer for DTUsat.PDF 27.1 KB 1-10-2001 17:09 Jonas Sølvhøj
Description of current ideas for the OBC 
  pmp.pdf 1.2 MB 14-1-2002 23:03 Jonas Sølvhøj
This paper describes how the requirements of the computer affect the choice of components and the overall design. Furthermore, the choice of a debug interface and the effects of space radiation are discussed. As the construction of the onboard computer is not yet complete, the future plans of the project are described. 
  Radiation.PDF 131.2 KB 22-9-2002 23:16 Jonas Sølvhøj
The main objective of this work was to examine how the semiconductors selected for the Onboard Computer react when they are irradiated. This report will describe in greater detail what happened to the parts, and the software used during tests.