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 FolderOther satellites (2 files)
 FolderTroubleshooting (1 file)
  dtusat.tle 461 B 1-7-2003 6:44 Richard Tøpholm
Preliminary NORAD tracking data for the Cubesats (TLE's, 10 hours after launch) 
  cubesats NORAD-MH update july 1.tle 1.3 KB 2-7-2003 9:26 Richard Tøpholm
Updated TLE's from NORAD Millhouse Hill, july 1'st. They now track 9 targets from our launch, not all of which are included in this file. Two older TLE's (Unknown10 and NORAD Cluster) from earlier updates are included as well. 
  Nova listing data.XLS 21.5 KB 2-7-2003 11:44 Richard Tøpholm
Excel spreadsheet with times for estimated DTUsat passes over Denmark 
  NORAD-BB.tle 1.3 KB 2-7-2003 20:50 Niels Holmgård Andersen
TLE's from the AMSAT-BB list, july 2nd 19:40 
  celetrak.tle 1008 B 2-7-2003 20:51 Niels Holmgård Andersen
Orbital elements from Celetrak, July 2nd 
  DTUsat beacon signal.wav 44.2 KB 3-7-2003 14:46 Niels Holmgård Andersen
  DTUsat CW beacon, transceiver 700 Hz CW.wav 1.1 MB 3-7-2003 14:47 Niels Holmgård Andersen
  DTUsat send beacon command.wav 25.8 KB 3-7-2003 14:59 Niels Holmgård Andersen
Send this command at 437.475 MHz to request a beacon signal from DTUsat 
  Nova listing data.TXT 9.6 KB 23-7-2003 16:59 Niels Holmgård Andersen
Passes till medio August 
  log june 3rd 16.64 utc.txt 1.8 KB 3-7-2003 23:29 Jonas Sølvhøj
  Pass Log Friday 4th of July.txt 4.5 KB 5-7-2003 12:50 Jonas Sølvhøj
  celestrak_july_30th.tle 1.7 KB 30-7-2003 0:52 Jonas Sølvhøj