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Name Size Date Uploaded by  
 FolderOther satellites (2 files)
 FolderTroubleshooting (1 file)
  celestrak_july_30th.tle 1.7 KB 30-7-2003 0:52 Jonas Sølvhøj
  Nova listing data.TXT 9.6 KB 23-7-2003 16:59 Niels Holmgård Andersen
Passes till medio August 
  Pass Log Friday 4th of July.txt 4.5 KB 5-7-2003 12:50 Jonas Sølvhøj
  log june 3rd 16.64 utc.txt 1.8 KB 3-7-2003 23:29 Jonas Sølvhøj
  DTUsat send beacon command.wav 25.8 KB 3-7-2003 14:59 Niels Holmgård Andersen
Send this command at 437.475 MHz to request a beacon signal from DTUsat 
  DTUsat CW beacon, transceiver 700 Hz CW.wav 1.1 MB 3-7-2003 14:47 Niels Holmgård Andersen
  DTUsat beacon signal.wav 44.2 KB 3-7-2003 14:46 Niels Holmgård Andersen
  celetrak.tle 1008 B 2-7-2003 20:51 Niels Holmgård Andersen
Orbital elements from Celetrak, July 2nd 
  NORAD-BB.tle 1.3 KB 2-7-2003 20:50 Niels Holmgård Andersen
TLE's from the AMSAT-BB list, july 2nd 19:40 
  Nova listing data.XLS 21.5 KB 2-7-2003 11:44 Richard Tøpholm
Excel spreadsheet with times for estimated DTUsat passes over Denmark 
  cubesats NORAD-MH update july 1.tle 1.3 KB 2-7-2003 9:26 Richard Tøpholm
Updated TLE's from NORAD Millhouse Hill, july 1'st. They now track 9 targets from our launch, not all of which are included in this file. Two older TLE's (Unknown10 and NORAD Cluster) from earlier updates are included as well. 
  dtusat.tle 461 B 1-7-2003 6:44 Richard Tøpholm
Preliminary NORAD tracking data for the Cubesats (TLE's, 10 hours after launch)