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  article.pdf 927.3 KB 19-2-2003 15:51 Martin Pedersen
Article presented at 16th AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites. Please note that it contains some errors! If you're a professional and really interested in facts etc. then email Jan or Martin.  
  IAC-03-U.2.b.02.pdf 713.4 KB 9-12-2003 0:34 Martin Pedersen
Article presented at IAC 2003 in Bremen, Germany. 
  MIC-DTU-Sun-Sensor-E-Emitter.doc 200.5 KB 9-12-2003 0:36 Martin Pedersen
Presentation at 4th Round Table on Micro-/Nano-technology (MNT) in Space. ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands. 
  Pedersen and Hales. Linear Two-Axis MOEMS Sun Sensor.pdf 15.6 MB 4-11-2004 13:35 Martin Pedersen
See this report for the most recent info on the MOEMS sun sensor. 
  Specification Document.pdf 514.4 KB 21-2-2003 20:45 Martin Pedersen
Will be modified when I get needed info, and time to update it.